Monday, October 27, 2008


This was the most wonderful weekend! An absolutely the best dream come true! As we all lined up outside the museum waiting our turn inside with HIM; our private audiences, I grew more and more nervous. I didn't know what on earth to expect. The O.A.A. (Original Appalachian Artworks) representative, Linda Loggins kept trying to calm me down but I started to get misty eyed. I did calm down and it was finally my and my friend, Marsha's turn to go in and I almost got tongue tied. I gave him the birthday card that I made him. Marsha and I put a photo of our best kids, Adam Luther and Ridley, inside too. He seemed to be touched by it and liked the card and the fact that we remembered the date of his birthday.

He was So warm, friendly and huggable!! We gave our cameras to Xavier's friend, Jeff inside and he took all of our pics for us. These 2 are just a very small example. If you want to see more pics of me with Xavier and pics of inside this fabulous museum, Magic Crystal Valley, just click here.

Xavier seemed to spend quite a bit of time with Marsha and me. He only signed Anniversary Kids so Adam Luther didn't get his little tush hand signed...oh well. BUT, he DID get his picture taken with his maker!
After all the signings were over we went over to the Collectors House, mixed and mingled with other collectors and waited for Xavier to come over from the museum and have the actual birthday party. The owners of the museum Pat & Joe Prosey built this Collectors House for the sole purpose of housing the collectors during the hot, muggy August days during the Summer Adventure get together that they host each year. They are the warmest, most gracious hosts ever!!!

We all sang Happy Birthday to the Cabbage Patch Kids (25 years) and to Xavier himself (? years) and then he cut the cake and served us with cake and more photo ops!! His birthday is October 31st!!

Oh! After driving 12 hours on Friday and Sunday, I'm exhausted, but I am still riding on a terrific high! I have to scrap this experience and I will remember this FOREVER!!!


Laura said...

What a thrill, Peggy! He is a nice looking guy! I'm off to check out all your pictures. I'm so happy you got your photo taken with him (and of course, Adam too)!

Secondchance Nancy said...

Oh, Peggy,....I'm so excited for you!!! Wish I could have been there too!!! Just checked your pictures and they're GREAT!!!!
J.D. is pouting because he couldn't be with Adam and Ridley!

Doreen said...

Looks like you had a great time.