Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well, it may not mean much to most of you but it's going to be a highlight of my year!


Who is that, you might ask? Why, the creator of the Cabbage Patch Kids. It's only his name that's on the bottom of each and every 'Kid out there in this wide world!

Here's the scoop...I have friends that own a private Cabbage Patch Museum called Magic Crystal Valley in Leonardtown, MD. In the CPK heyday, they used to be an official adoption site for soft sculpture kids. Anyway, the owners are hosting a 25th Birthday Party at their museum in a couple of weeks (because we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the mass marketed CPKs) and HE is going to be there!! Mr. Roberts has met this couple (Pat & Joe) but he's never been to their museum, so everyone is excited all around.

One reason he is coming to the museum is to promote the 25th Anniversary Edition Kids. So, he will be hand signing 2 Anniversary Kids per visitor. We are all very excited about this - Especially Adam Luther who would love to have his picture taken with Xavier Roberts for this birthday. Xavier Roberts' birthday is October 31 and Adam's is November 1st!

Pat & Joe are great! Once a year they host a CPK collectors get together at their museum and lots of us get together to meet, sell, trade and all around have fun. And, they never charge a thing! We always have a blast!

I'll be sure to post with whatever photos I have when I get back....Can you tell I'm just a little excited??


sandra/merryheart2 said...

yep, i'd say you're a little excited. did you say you'll get 2 new kids? WoW. Have fun.

Laura said...

I'm glad he isn't signing any and all kids. You'd need a private plane - LOL! Way to go - it will be very exciting!!