Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You've Just Gotta See This!

This is Big Rock Candy Mountain in southern Utah...just the beginning of some of the amazing sights to be seen in this region of the country. If you've never been to southern Utah and Arizona you must put it on your list of places to go!!

The next group of pictures are from Bryce Canyon, also in southern Utah - simply amazing! This is truly God's country!!

Then there's Red Canyon which we drove through before and after we went through Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon is a state park but Red Canyon is just an area that you drive through. Later some pics from the Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona. Thanks for looking!


goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

elselenia said...

hi from Greece
very nice blog and beautiful pictures!!!



Karen said...

Wonderful pictures. It is a beautiful part of the country.

Laura said...

Very nice, Peggy! Isn't there a song about Big Rock Candy Mountain?