Sunday, June 28, 2009


I finally broke down and went to Michael's yestereday for a few basic supplies I may be here for another 4-5 days and I really needed something to do. The hardest part was that the only pics I had were what was already on my camera...mostly accident related. So, since I didn't get to go to my scrapping weekend, I got to play along with some challenges on SIS.

This layout was for a Free Shopping Challenge. You "buy" 3 items off of a list of 10 and then you have to use them on a layout. I "bought" staples, ink and doodling. All of the papers for these layouts come from a K & Company pad called "Day Dreams". Cute stuff!

This was another challenge where you had to use small photos, paint & cardboard. Luckily, I had thought about saving some of the cardboard off of the box one of the flower arrangements came in and got to use it here. I also saved part of the clear plastic and the company logo pick from the edible arrangement. The letters were drawn and cut out of a graph-like paper from the pad I bought and then gone over with a in black sharpie.

This was a fun but very challenging project. The challenge was to take a magazine ad and insert your photo over someone's face and then embellish the ad. Again, the only pics I had were the ones on my camera and the only pic of Steph I had were of her (mockingly) sad face. The only magazines I had to chose from were bicycling magazines. I used some plastic bag closure tabs that I had saved and created my own letters from card stock/paint.

close up of Steph's face

Thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes for Steph!! She is progressing. Didn't have a headache yesterday but still felt a bit clouded. Still can't walk completely normally but much of the swelling has gone down.

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Marit said...

I'm glad you shopped and scrapped Peggy!!! Has the stress gone away a bit now...? I hope so! You made some lovely pages with little material, great job!

Lisa the Lovely said...

are any of your pics stored on a website? Like where you could order them and have them printed nearby? then you could have more to work on. Glad she's feeling better a little

NancyJones said...

very cute pages!