Thursday, June 25, 2009


What time is it when a car totals your bike? Why, go shopping, of course!

We finally got the bike back this morning. Definitely totaled!! This kinda brings it all back again! Steph might be able to save a component or two but...get a load of that wheel!!!

Steph had a triathlon race this weekend which she is missing, of course, and there's one she was going to do in July as well. She is a bit bummed out about not being able to train and race! There may still be hope for a race in August but it is doubtful as she probably has to make up work time then.

Thanks for all the well wishes.

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ellen s. said...

her body def. needs to rest but i bet she is bummed.

i am still in awe. i grew up not far from philly and still go back a lot. i saw a car go up on the sidewalk once and almost hit a person.