Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, NSD is over (National Scrapbook Day). When I told my husband about NSD he said, rather sarcastically, "of course!"...like I need another reason to be scrapping.

But this was so much fun at SIStv!! Several of the SISters were the activity hostesses and they started posting challenges before midnight on Friday night. NSD actually started on Saturday, but there was no need to wait. Most of the challenges had prizes and winners but you had until Sunday at midnight to post your finished layouts or projects.

We also had an on line bingo game!! It took nearly 2 hours but we had lots of fun chatting and guessing what the visuals were that were called.

So, here are my finished layouts from this past weekend. We really do need to call it National Scrapbook Weekend...a day just isn't enough!

For this first challenge we were to make a mini album out of mini tags...that's right...these are a whopping 2 3/4 x 1 3/8! And we were to use up bits and pieces of things that we had saved. So, yeah, I did this for Adam Luther...he's just such a busy little guy and he needed a busy little mini book.

This challenge was rather interesting...called the "6PM Dinner Menu". The hostess posted a menu and we had to choose one item from each category (i.e. appetizer, veggie, main course, etc..) Then, each item corresponded with a certain scrap feature. So, my "bread basket, fruit salad, pizza, carrots & cheesecake" translated into 6 x 12 format, use cardboard, use black/white/red colors, use stitching & 2 different pattern papers. Phew!

If that wasn't enough, I combined this with another challenge called "Loving You", that had us think of 10 positive things to say about ourselves. This is the result:

These next 2 layouts go with the challenge called "Not Your Ordinary Thing"...it was to get us to NOT scrap about people! So, yes, Adam Luther came to mind again (but don't tell him he's not a people!), but so did our trip out west.

This last one was a 3-fer...3 challenges in 1 layout. First came our "Free Shopping Game"...I "bought" Bo Bunny (background), postcard (I just got it in the mail that day) & a hand written title.

Second challenge was "What's Old is New" - get those older than dirt scrap supplies out from the bottom of the stack and use them up. I used my old Bo Bunny card stock and some old paper. Even the photo is old

Finally, I went for "The Write Stuff" - an excercise in journaling from the heart and not just facts about the photo...really getting into feelings.
AND, for this layout, I won for the "What's Old is New" Challenge! YAY me. I'll post when I get my prizes!

And, about my blog format? Still working on that. Having some difficulties with PSE and trying to create my own background and header. What you see here is what others have created. Will go for that for now until I have more time. I might just go with the pre-made stuff...less time consuming.

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Denise said...

Yup, you were a busy gal this weekend! My PSE trial ended and I'm waiting for my bday (Aug) to get a full version...

How cool that Adam Luther got to meet Xavier?! Cute, cute mini-tag book. You go girl!!

Jenneke said...

You have been a very busy lady this weekend!! Love your work!!

Good luck with your attempt to Bling your Blog! I didn't manage...yet!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are AWESOME Peggy! :):):):):):):):):)

Laura said...

Whatever you do, don't tell Mylinda that there is on-line bingo! LOL! Great job as usual, and how much fun that you won!