Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sick Day

What a day yesterday! First I take Tracy (octopusouphut) into the Immediate Care Center type of place because her doctor doesn't have time to even fit her in. I guess everyone is sick on Monday morning! We sit there for just over an hour before we're even called back and then she's seen by the doc for about 3 minutes and we walk out with a diagnosis of Bronchitis and an Rx for an antibiotic and a sheet of paper explaining that bronchitis is most likely a viral infection and that antibiotics will likely do nothing! So, why do they give them out like that??

Ok, so while we're waiting in the waiting room, Tracy gets a call from her boyfriend telling her that he's going home from work because he's got what she's got! Big surprise because he was nursing her all day on Sunday. So, instead of him taking the bus home and staying there by himself, I go and get him and take him to the same care center, get the same diagnosis and bring him to our house so I can look after both of them in the same location.

By the time all of this is done (oh yeah, I've also gone to the market for some immediate supplies) it's about 4:00 and we started about 9:30! What a day yesterday! The evening was a bit better but I was doing laundry most of the afternoon. But, that was my own doing. Since Tracy was sick over the weekend she couldn't get her laundry done, so I started doing it and a bunch more. I'm tired.

She woke up this a.m. coughing and the Robitussin just isn't cutting it. I will call the doc a little later. I guess no scrapping or errands today. At least John isn't coughing his head off like Tracy is.

Hopefully there will be a better post later. Thankfully this is not a serious illness and her diabetes hasn't played a critical role. :0)

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