Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Emergency Room

So, yesterday was a pretty typical sick day here with the 2 sick big kids. John did lots of sleeping a little eating and some drinking too. He seemed to have a little energy to look on the computer for a little bit, but he felt pretty crappy all day.

Tracy woke at 5 a.m. and, pretty much, coughed ALL day! Sure, there were short reprieved throughout the day but she couldn't sleep at all because whenever she tried to lay down the coughing would get worse and the cycle would start all over again. She was asleep on her feet. She was looking forward to "bed time" because then she could take the Nyquil and we thought for sure that would knock her out and then she'd really sleep.

Nope! She took it about 11 PM and by Midnight she still couldn't sleep. It was such an emotional night and she was just at her wit's end we decided to hit the ER.

I think only Tracy's wit can truly give the ER justice but in the end we came out of it with an Rx for a much stronger cough suppressant that would knock her out (and it did) and an inhaler for the Bronchitis. I need to get those filled this AM.

Would you believe that after we got into an ER exam room and waited for over an hour the coughing finally stopped?! Then when they gave her the medicine before we left, it started up again!

We got home at 4 AM. It's now 8:30 on Wed and she's still sleeping. They say, "never wake a sleeping baby." So, I'm not waking her. She's hasn't slept in so long. I feel so bad for her. Hopefully she'll feel rested when she does get up and she'll tackle the 2 page paper that's due today. At least she'll be able to email it to her teacher.

She's so worried about school! Well, that's another post.

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Jules said...

Oh sorry to hear your little one is so ill, I hope she gets better soon!